Mine Site Water Management

Sewerage Treatment Plant

In accordance with typical Environmental Authority requirements and licences, in relation to Sewerage Effluent conditions, we can manage and service sewerage treatment plants to the specific requirements of your site.

Targets Plumbworx aim for include but are not limited to the following guidelines:

Release limit Units Limit type Monitoring frequency
5 day Biochemical Oxygen Demand 20 mg/L max Monthly
pH 6.0 to 9.0 pH Units range Monthly
Free Chlorine Residual 3 mg/L max Monthly
Faecal coliforms <1000 Cfu/100mL² max Monthly

Site Assessment & Evaluation

Plumbworx are able to undertake works to ensure your current specialised waste water treatment process , that will not only meet the EA requirements but will be suitable for higher end re use such as dust suppression and irrigation.

System Installation

Plumbworx install a Taylex Sewage Treatment system,

Taylex was the first company to manufacture Home Sewage Treatment tank systems in Australia and continue to be leaders in this field. We have found the Taylex system to be trouble free and unproblematic to manage and install. The beauty of these systems are they are tailored to capacity however can be easily expanded or downsized if changes to capacity of inflow changes.

We are one of only 50 trained Australian distributors who market the Taylex products.

Monitoring and Maintenence

All treated effluent released from the facilities can; be monitored at the frequency and for the parameters specified in table above, will not exceed sewerage effluent release limits, will not cause spray drift or over spray to any sensitive or commercial place and only be discharged from an authorised location with careful attention to the release of treated effluent from the site so as to not enter the bed and banks of any waters.

Our experienced and qualified staff can also undertake the daily operation of the sewerage treatment plant via pollution control equipment, technological apparatus, and specialised laboratory analysis. Pipelines and fittings associated with the sewage treatment system will be clearly identified as is raw and potable water lines.

Reporting & Data Management

Once the system is achieving desirable results as per the release limits mentioned in table C11 a full review will be conducted as part of our service contract to ensure frequency of monitoring and testing is in line with specified Environmental Licence water quality outcomes.

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