Chlorine Dioxide Generators

Chlorine dioxide, ClO2, is a very effective form of chlorination since it will kill protozoans, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, and viruses that other systems may not kill. In addition, chlorine dioxide oxidizes all metals and organic matter, converting the organic matter to carbon dioxide and water. Chlorine dioxide can be used to remove sulfide compounds and phenolic tastes and odors. When chlorine dioxide is used, trihalomethanes are not formed and the chlorination process is unaffected by ammonia. Finally, chlorine dioxide is effective at a higher pH than other forms of chlorination and has a significantly short reaction time in comparison to many other forms of disinfection.

So why isn't chlorine dioxide used in all systems? Chlorine dioxide must be generated on site, which is a very costly process requiring a great deal of technical expertise. Unlike chlorine gas, chlorine dioxide is highly combustible and care must be taken when handling the chlorine dioxide.

PLUMBWORX Chlorine Dioxide Generators are VERY PRICE COMPETITIVE offering hefty savings for our clients.

There are very few manufacturers of the apparatus required for ClO2 generation in Australia hence are rather costly. At Liquid Solutions, we provide a specifically manufactured generator for your requirements and our back up service is only a phone call away at a fraction of the price. We are very proud of our design and use these generators at various locations where we service and can assure their reliability function.

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