About Plumbworx

Liquid Solutions has developed and expanded on our skills to now become specialists in the field of management of potable, dam and waste-water assets, throughout the Central Queensland and wider Bowen Basin region to all industry types and mine site Water Treatment management specialists. Combined with our extensive knowledge and experience in the plumbing industry, our large team also means we offer an on call maintenance and 24 hour back up service.

Our vision is to be the recognised specialists in potable and field water management and sewerage treatment installation and maintenance, ensuring that our business offers the most up-to-date technology in all of our processes and maintain our high safety record, all whilst providing our community with local skilled tradesman through a day-to-day service.

Our core vocation is plumbing which has seen the business develop through commitment to our clients and quality of our workmanship. From this we have expanded into the water quality management field and hence our team now incorporates specialised water treatment technicians and engineers. We place a high level of importance on the provision of a wholesome supply of drinking water to our clients and back it up with extensive data and reporting ensuring confidence in our water quality.

Liquid Solutions plays an active role in project planning in its entirety. Our extensive knowledge and range of skills allows us to set realistic timeframes and ensure that all requirements are met to the high standard we insist on.

PLUMBWORX - Liquid Solutions